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Okie Noodling Tournament July 9, 2011 Pauls Valley
by Susen Foster
The 2011 world famous Okie Noodling Tournament is Saturday July 9 in Pauls Valley, klahoma. It’s a family affair at Pauls Valley City Park, the official site of the annual competition, and admission is free; fried catfish is on the menu, and you can even get a lesson in noodling.

And if tempting fate in muddy water isn’t your thing, then how about entering your favorite catfish recipe in the Catfish Cookoff?

What is “noodling” you ask? According to Wickepedia – “noodling is the practice and sport of fishing for catfish using only one’s bare hands” – a convincing argument that this sport is not for the faint of heart.

Phil Henderson, a fan and sponsor since the beginning, tells us Noodling “…is an unusual way of fishing, no doubt. Take an intrepid sportsman and a large flathead catfish and you have an unbeatable combination for a pretty wild fishing tournament.”

Characteristics of a successful noodler include 1. the Hulk’s upper body strength; 2. Sponge Bob’s breath control; 3. Robin William’s selective insanity; and 4. a spouse who can maintain a cool façade while hoping she won’t have to raise the children alone.

You are probably already planning your first excursion into the extreme world of catfish noodling; preparing to bring in the granddaddy of all catfish without losing a single digit.

Or perhaps you prefer to experience this phenomenon more vicariously. If that’s the case, plot your GPS for a day trip to PaulsValleywhere you can cheer on those brawny fishermen and their whiskered catches as they compete for bragging rights, and some serious prize money, at the 2011 Okie Noodling Championships on Saturday July 9th.

For more information about the 2011 Tournament, Catfish Cookoff, or becoming a Noodling Queen visit or


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